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Member Information


Laverton Wyndham Aquatics uses several social media platforms to communicate with families. It is important that afamilies have at least one Parent signed up to each form of communication to ensure that they receive all required information.


All coaches use email to communicate with families. Coach email addresses are available on the specific squad pages on the website.
Any general club inquiries or questions in regards to the above can be sent to



Team app is the main form of day to day communication between the Club and squad families. It is also used for any urgent communication such as changes to training sessions. There is also a chat function available for members to send communications to other families in their squad/s. Instructions on how to sign up to Team App are available Here



The club posts regular updates and photos from competitions and club activities in our Facebook and Instagram accounts.
We encourage all families to follow both of the below accounts to keep up to date with club happenings;

Club Uniform

The Laverton Wyndham Aquatics Team uniform is compulsory, all information can be found Here

Rules and policies

​Swimming Australia adopted a new Safe Sport Framework in July 2016 replacing the previous child and member welfare policies, procedures and codes of conduct. ​Laverton Wyndham Aquatics members are committed in providing a safe environment for all, and agree to comply with the integrity requirements of Swimming Australia. These can be found Here.


They also include the following:


Other Club Governing rules:



Codes Of Conduct


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